Public Input Needed NOW on VW Settlement Plan

TCEQ STATEWIDE HEARINGS - Sept. 10 through Sept 26th.

The TCEQ (our Texas environmental agency) is charged with determining how to spend $30 million on charging stations across Texas. Please consider attending these hearings and submitting written comments by Monday, October 8, 2018

As an EV vehicle owner, your voice is particularly important in advising the state in where charging facilities should be located.

Hearings have already been held in Houston, Beaumont and Arlington. Still to go are: 

San Antonio (17th): 2:00 PM - Alamo Area C.O.G., 8700 Tesoro Dr, Suite 100 
El Paso (19th): 10:00 AM - Rio Grande C.O.G., 8037 Lockheed, Suite 100 
Austin (26th): 2:00 PM - TCEQ Austin, Building E, Room 201-S, 12100 Park 35 Circle 

You may also submit your comments through the following website: - or by mail at the address listed on the “Contact Us” page on the Texas VW Environmental Mitigation Program website.  

TxETRA Charging Station Recommendations:

1. Frequency:

a.  About every 50 miles by 2020 to support Intercity travel of Longer Range BEVs along the major highways connecting the Texas Triangle (DFW, Houston, San Antonio, Austin) 

b.  Urban-suburban areas based on density of EV ownership, plus support for low/medium income charging station placement. 

2. Location 

a.  Where power line capacity is adequate.

b.  Beyond where other charging networks (like Electrify America) will already be building. 

c.  Locations, accessible and attractive to a wide variety of consumers, such as big gasoline retailers, restaurants, and big-box grocery and retail stores.

3.  Accessible to All.

a.  Assure that the charging stations can use all providers – ChargePoint, Charge America, EVgo, Greenlots, Blink, Tesla, etc. and all REPs.

b.  Accessible to all apps. Electric Vehicle drivers utilize apps to find charging stations and map out routes if they are traveling long distances. Charging station locations and availability should be identified on apps and available to all Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers.

4   Smart charging stations should be interconnected and interoperable so that they can transmit and receive data to and from utilities, charging station owners, grid operators, vehicle owners, and apps.

5.  Assure equity.  

  • 37%of Texans are poor.
  • EVs can lower the cost of transportation. 
  • A whopping 40.2% of a low-income’s family’s income goes to transportation - contrasted to 13% for average families. 
  • Studies have shown that maintenance and fuel for an EV is about 1/3 the cost of owning a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. 
  • EVs are starting to enter the used car market, A recent Consumer Reports study found that it is currently significantly cheaper to buy a used EV than a similar quality gasoline-fueled car.
  • TxETRA recommends 25% of the VW Settlement Charging Funds be set aside for multi-family and public facilities in low-income communities.  

Check back on this website page for further EV-specific talking points.  If you would like to participate in a conference call and coordinate your comments with others who are attending the hearings, please contact TxETRA Executive Director, Tom "Smitty" Smith, at, and he will be in touch with you.