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Texas 'TERP' EV Incentive Program - for Light-Duty (Cars & Trucks) 

Did You Know... Texas has a $2500 (rebate) Incentive program for the lease or purchase of cars and light-duty trucks? It is administered through the TERP (Texas Emissions Reduction Program) over at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  It covers all vehicles purchased in Texas (That's right - state lawmakers unfortunately restricted Teslas).  Currently, buyers apply for the rebate after purchase or contract signing, The good news is that if you have already bought an EV without knowing about the program, you can still apply - the rebate is retroactive as long as the program is open and there is still money available in the fund.  Check your city and county governments for additional incentives.

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· The AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine program provides a rebate up to $3,500 for vehicle replacement to a PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle) if certain county and income requirements are met, and certain vehicle conditions are met.

· Austin Energy offers a EV360 Pilot Program for EV charging with reduced off-peak rates from 7pm-2pm on weekdays, and anytime on weekends. The lowest rates offered are $30/month. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $150.

· Some utilities offer incentives for EV Owners. - Call and inquire.  For instance,: Austin Energy offers PEV owners a rebate of 50% of the cost to purchase and install a Level 2 charging station, up to $1,500. Multi-family properties are also eligible for a rebate of up to 50% of the cost to install an approved Level 2 charging station. 

Cleanview Energy offers a $75 rebate towards a new ChargePoint residential EV charger with enrollment in ClearCharge Energy Plan.

· TX Insurance companies may offer discounts on EVs - ASK your agent.