Join a Committee

Please Consider Adding your Energy and Expertise to One of Our Technical or Outreach Committees.

EQUITY - The key to success in all things is equity and inclusion.  Each member of this committee serves on one other committee to ensure that no populations are excluded as we put infrastructure and policy in place to "serve all Texans - In the most most-effective way - providing maximum benefit to the citizens of Texas." 

CHARGING Infrastructure -  This committee is working on the development and deployment of EV charging systems in Texas - as well as identifying regulatory and operational challenges that must be resolved for its implementation.

Electricity GRID Impact - This committee will study how the coming EVolution affects the electricity grid in terms of charging times, rate structures, and other issues such as how to manage ancillary services. 

EV POLICY (Including Tax) - This committee is working to craft legislative and regulatory recommendations in preparation for the upcoming legislative session as well as for issues that are sure to hit the regulatory dockets in the near future. 

Public TRANSIT - This committee is working with Texas transit professionals and service populations  to ensure success and equity as Texas transitions to zero-emissions EV fleets.

TERP & VW Settlement - This committee has a two-fold focus. The Texas Emission Reduction Program (TERP) was put in place to help Texas achieve compliance with the Clean Air Act by - among other measures - promoting conversion to EV transportation through incentives and ev-friendly policies. In addition, Texas' portion of the VW Settlement reparations for the "dieselgate" scandal is $209 million.  TxETRA hopes to earmark some of that money for EV charging infrastructure and other measures to clean up Texas air quality. Like the TERP program above, these monies will be administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Public EDUCATION - Even though the EV revolution is hurtling towad us at an astonishing speed, a recent poll  indicates few car-owning households are aware of a transition to PEVs and far fewer are actively engaged. Public education needs to happen at the most basic level before the public is confronted with the specifics of what is needed in electric transportation policy, planning, and infrastructure. Add your expertise to help us with message development to reach the widest possible audience.

TECHNOLOGY - Our Technology Committee will track the latest trends and also help provide a bank of information for policymakers and others who require detailed technical analysis on electric vehicle technology.

ECONOMIC Development -  According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the EV revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than predicted a year ago. By  2025 (due to lower battery prices), electric cars will be as cheap as gasoline vehicles and by 2040, 55% of all new car sales will be electric. This reality is launching a new economic development sector.  This committee will track the  ways in which this new industry is already beginning to change the Texas economic development landscape.